Talens - Art Creation - Gouache set 24 tube x 12 ml


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    Royal Talens

    This gouache set of 24 x 12 ml tubes offers a great variety of colours to create various paintings with. Save time on mixing custom colours with the extensive colour selection of this set! Because of their convenient size, these tubes are ideal to have in your studio or to take with you while you travel. Talens Art Creation also offers sets of 8 and 12 tubes, and a starter set with everything you need to begin your painting journey.

    Contents: 24 x 12 ml tubes 

    100 White
    311 Vermilion
    205 Lemon Yellow (Primary)
    334 Scarlet 
    201 Light Yellow 
    318 Carmine 
    293 Medium Yellow
    617 Yellowish Green
    202 Deep Yellow
    601 Light Green
    536 Violet
    602 Deep Green
    504 Ultramarine 
    623 Sap Green
    512 Cobalt Blue (Ultramarine) 
    227 Yellow Ochre 
    508 Prussian Blue
    411 Burnt Sienna
    501 Light Blue (Cyan) 
    409 Burnt Umber
    374 Pink Beige
    526 Azure Blue
    362 Deep Rose
    700 Black

    About Talens Art Creation gouache

    Talens Art Creation gouache is an opaque paint that you can thin, mix and blend with water. Gouache allows you to paint matt sections without leaving stripes or brush strokes. Because this paint dries within several minutes, it is highly practical and easy to use for large colour blocks and fine details. Gouache is not waterproof when dry, so you can still rework the paint with a little water on your brush.

    The paint can be used on many grounds, such as paper, canvas, cardboard and wood. Gouache is known for its colour intensity, which has made the paint popular among artists, designers and illustrators.

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    Talens - Art Creation - Gouache set 24 tube x 12 ml

    370.00 E£ 370.0 EGP 370.00 E£

    370.00 E£