Talens - Art Creation - Soft pastel set 12 colors


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140.00 E£

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    Royal Talens

    This soft pastel set of 12 colours offers a great basic palette of colours to create various drawings with. The pastels come in convenient packaging with a plastic tray and cardboard sleeve to keep them neat and organised, so they are great to have in your studio or to take with you.

    100 White 
    617 Yellowish Green
    200 Yellow
    615 Emerald Green
    202 Deep Yellow
    227 Yellow Ochre
    398 Naphthol Red Light 
    408 Raw Umber 
    318 Carmine
    535 Cerulean Blue (Phthalo) 
    570 Phthalo Blue
    700 Black

    About Talens Art Creation soft pastels

    Talens Art Creation soft pastels are soft dry pastels that you can use to draw in a picturesque manner. Soft pastels are made with high-quality pigments offering vivid and intense colours with a powdery, velvet finish. The pastels are easy to apply and blend. Easily mix colours using your fingers, a cotton bud or a brush. The handy square shape makes these pastels great for both large areas and fine details (using the point of the square).

    Soft pastels can be used on various surfaces, including paper and cardboard, as long as the surface has a bit of texture for the pigments to adhere to. Talens Art Creation also offers special pastel paper in different colours and structures to make sure you make the best out of these pastels.

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    Talens - Art Creation - Soft pastel set 12 colors

    140.00 E£ 140.0 EGP 140.00 E£

    140.00 E£